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The CSTN will share resources, research and toolkits to align strategies, best practices and develop a community of practice that supports the transformation of shelters across Canada to become housing focused.

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CSTN Shelter Transformation Manual & Self-Assessment
CSTN Webinars

See past and upcoming webinars from CSTN offering further guidance on how to transform to a housing-focused shelter system.

Webinars from 2019 to present can be found on the CSTN Webinar page.

OrgCode Emergency Shelter Resources and Blogs
National Alliance to End Homelessness Emergency Shelter Learning Series
Webinars & Tools
Overview & Self-Assessments and Action Plans
Low Barrier Shelters
Role of Emergency Shelter in Diversion
Safety Serving Families and Victims of Domestic Violence
Using Data
Equal Access
Pet Friendly
United States Interagency Council on Homelessness – Shelter Resources
Diversion Information, Tools and Community Examples
  • See Diversion information and resources on the Built for Zero Canada website
National Health Care for the Homeless Council – Health in Shelters
Domestic and Sexual Violence – Emergency Shelter Considerations
Pets and Shelters – Pets and Ending Homelessness
Emergency Shelter Frameworks and Standards Examples
Emergency Shelter Bright Spots, Books and Other Resources
Ending Homelessness for People in Encampments
Considerations and Tools to Respond Effectively
Community examples
Winter Sheltering and Extreme Weather Response Plans
us hud resources for winter sheltering and cold weather response (Generally and during covid)
guidance on staying housing FOCUSED regarding winter sheltering and cold weather response
Sample canadian extreme weather response plans from communities


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